Eastwood Stone Encyclopedia bluestone is a limestone of blue/grey colour. It is a very durable stone for all applications. it is widely used in indoor & outdoor decoration,  paving,  dry-hanging, flower pot, mailbox and stone caving, etc. For more information, pls visit our
Our Grey/Dark basalts, Some people call them Blue stone, they are very popular and there is big demand for indoor and outdoor decoration of these materials especially in Australia market. As to the surface, rough honed, which is anti-slip and more popular for exterior pavers.
 Puka Lava stone belongs to basalt, which is formed by when ejected magma condensate, digenetic and compaction.The most remarkable characteristic of our puka lava stone have porous on surface, it can be divided in to three styles large porous, medium porous and small porous, while the most beautiful one is medium porous which holes uniform spread, it is quite popular for garden decoration.

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