Swimming Pool Coping

The role of tile in swimming pool began exclusively and important at the water line day by day. Then it expanded into a various different of pool coping tile including natural stone pool coping tile, glass pool coping tile. Ceramic pool coping tile. We are a central manufacturer for natural stone pool coping tile and provide a range colors from white, black, yellow, blue, green, red, beige color to make your swimming pool have a unique and fantasy look. From a general design to finished-pool, the selection of natural stone is a most part for swimming pool including finish,size, Edge processing, material color. 
Especially for edge processing,it contains bull-nosed, half bull-nosed,square eased, pencil edge, these edges although tiny but it is significance and unable to ignore to make swimming pool classic or fashion style. We are always devoted to provide excellent quality and professional service for customers from worldwide.

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