CNC Carving

Stone carving is a hard job, but today this job has been taken over by advanced machine. This is the CNC Router machine. CNC stands for computer numerical control. All you need to do is transfer the design via CAM software into the computer of the CNC router machine. The router will faithfully copy the design by engraving the stone with repeated passes to get depth.CNC carving widely used for walling, interior pillar , outdoor garden decorative panels etc. 
We can think of some fancy ordinary static patterns, but we do not know in fact there are many types of CNC carved 3D Marble wall we can produce. Our 3D marble wall will make your space become interesting and magical, this is a static picture cannot be portrayed. 3D visual effects of the background wall, stunning 3D visual scenes, not only unlimited expansion of the room area, but also allows you to have an immersive luxury feeling, for more details pls contact with Stone Encyclopedia directly. 

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