Pebble&River Stone

STONE ENCYCLOPEDIA can supply natural pebble stone(stone pebble),river stone(river rock),tumbled pebble, gravel stone.Pebble stone is widely used for landscaping, house decoration, bathroom.Many colors of stone pebble are available such as black,red,white,yellow,stripe,multicolor. 
River rock stone is used for garden and wall. It makes house or garden unique and natural.Natural pebble stone can make pebble mosaic, engraved pebble stone,message stone and agate.
For tumbled stone, there are many colors(snow white,bean yellow,grey,black,dark red,coffee red).Snow white pebble is the most popular among our customers.The size for polished pebble stone is 8-15mm, 20-30mm, 30-50mm, 50-80mm,for gravel stone,it is 5-8mm,1-3cm,3-5cm,5-8cm or bigger one.The normal size of landscaping glass rocks are 1-3cm,3-5cm,5-8cm,10-20cm,20-30cm.
Places to use Pebbles:
Set in concrete (for cobble paving or mosaic walling)
Between pavers, for contrasting texture and color.
Inlaid in garden furniture, e.g. table tops, wedding theme.
As a pebble beach at the edge of a pool or water garden.
On the surface of tub plants, for decoration and as a mulch.
As a mulch around plants to reduce weeds and for visual effect.
At the base of a waterfall to create a splashing noise.
In Oriental gardens, raked in patterns.
Benefits of Pebbles:
Pebbles are long lasting and will not deteriorate like mulch does.
Natural and environmentally friendly product adding value to your garden.
Striking decorative appeal to your garden.
Maintenance free (unlike Grass covered areas).

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