Stone mosaic is a piece of art or image made from assemblage of small pieces of colored glass. stone. Or other materials with a long is widely used in decorative art and exterior-interior decoration. It can be made of in a various material selection like granite,marble, slate, limestone,basalt,pebble,travertine,ceramic, glass and other rarely shell or beads material. Due to various materials and shape, stone mosaic look always keeps amazing imagine and classic scenes. 
Stone Encyclopedia use marble slab to cut into different shape small piece not only round,square,rectangle, oval but also complex fan,lantern,irregular to decorate hall,flooring,wall and kitchen. Besides mosaic owns feature for color and design. You can select color and design you preferred and then install them without costly charge as it is easy to install. No matter customized mosaic design or current mosaic design. We are always with you.

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